Vision Contracting have just completed construction of a new 1,700 sqm. head office for E-TEC, a successful Irish Tech Company with branches across Europe. The building will be their new headquarters and facilitates their continued expansion. E-TEC are innovators in their field and this building will reflect the company ethos, with a distinct identity and bespoke design. The materiality of the building was carefully considered in conjunction with the volume and form. The contrasting textures of the exterior in conjunction with the angular recesses carved out of the facade add a layer of interest and identity to the building reflecting its status. 


Likewise, internally, an efficient plan was developed but we exploited the ‘in-between spaces’. Free flowing space was arranged along a spine to unify the client spaces in the brief. Break out spaces at the first floor level flow into a landscaped internal garden which forms part of the biophilic design used in the project. 

First floor plan

On the ground floor there is a sinuous pod clad in coloured timber fins which redefines the corridor and adds visual interest. Externally the ‘in-between space’ takes the form of a planter pit which creates a buffer between inside and outside.


E-TEC were enthusiastic about increased levels of insulation and improved airtightness beyond mandatory minimums, which reduces a building’s carbon emissions and saves energy. Hone solar panels are installed on the roof as a renewable technology in the sustainability strategy. The building materials specified and how junctions were detailed were given particular consideration so that this would be a robust, airtight and thermal efficient building.

E-tec under construction

Increased levels of thermal insulation were specified in conjunction with air tightness measures minimising heat lost. An exemplary airtightness coefficient of 1.99m3/HR/M2 @ 50 PA was achieved in the completed building. 

E-tec under construction
E-tec headquarters under construction in August 2019 with the precast columns being installed.

E-tec under construction in August 2019 with the precast columns being installed.

E-tec headquarters under construction in September 2019

Headquarters under construction in September 2019

Under construction glulam beams

Under construction in January 2020. Glulam timber beams exposed internally.

Photos by DOK Photography