Construction is nearing completion on the Dublin City Brewing Co Microbrewery. This exciting new company brew ‘Liberator Irish Lager’ and the design of this state of the art brewery will allow the production of other speciality beers. The milling machines have just been installed which will allow the milling of speciality grains in house.

Dublin City Brewing Co is a new 2000 sqm Microbrewery & Visitor Centre within the existing Parnell Centre building in Dublin city centre. It has been a design challenge to fit the brewing plant in a limited space but this will make the tour unique and all the more dramatic. The ambitious project sets a precedent of what can be achieved in bringing an under-utilised building back into successful use.

Caulfield Wright Architects dublin architecture dublin microbrewery startup commercial beer factory

COVID-19 has slowed construction but the team behind this new venture are unstoppable and the brewery is expected to open for production in October 2020. The taproom for in-house beer tasting is delayed a little longer but will open early in 2021.

The final stage of this project is a visitor experience which is to open next year. This will allow the public to see a fully working brewery, not a stage set. The public will be able to see everything from the milling of the grains to the  brewing process while walking on a first floor gantry. This threads through a double height space containing 6m high fermentation tanks. The kegging and bottling of the freshly brewed beer will be visible from the taproom at the end of the tour.

Caulfield Wright Architects Dublin architects architecture dublin microbrewery startup commercial beer factory

The sustainability of this project is enhanced by recycling waste heat from the brewhouse. The brewing kettles will be illuminated and visible from the street. This with increased footfall will positively contribute to the public realm. The existing building structure had been sand blasted. The raw concrete of these columns has been left exposed which contrasts with the stainless steel of the new brewing equipment.

Commercial beer factory

For more details on this project, follow the link to Dublin City Brewing Co.

Commercial beer factory